Energy Healing “our” kidneys 


Distance Healing transmission

We begin, our next 9 day distance healing on next date TBC 






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Energy Healing, “our” kidneys

This special event is a distance healing transmission where we work with healing our ancestral lineage with focus on the kidneys.
  • This is a 9 day distance healing transmission.

This is an invitation for you to join if :

  • you suffer with kidney stones, kidney infections, urinary tract / bladder infections, bed wetting, leaking, have had a kidney removed. This may have effected your mother or grandmother.  Or currently effecting your children.
  • fear is holding you back from your true potential
  • you are unable to trust in the unknown
  • you are struggling to move forward
  • you want to bring healing to your ancestral mother line.
  • your hearing is muffled
  • you are holding in the lower back, sore and tired
  • you have cold feet / poor circulation
  • you have no motivation
  • you are worn out / adrenal fatigue
  • you want to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being
  • you want to boost and bring balance to your sacral chakra, where the kidneys sit
  • you are yearning some nurturing healing for your own emotional wellbeing
For this reason you may feel this unexplained personal pull to join.
The pull is so significant NOW for  you, that you have a deep knowing that this is bigger than you. Your ancestors are guiding  you, they want you to trust.
I welcome you.


“This practice brings healing in ways  you might never have imagined” 

This healing transmission goes beyond time and space and can be pracitced if your mother / grandmother has passed or you have never met them in case of adoption.


“What will I need to do during  the 9 days ?”:

  • To partake let me know your name, your mothers maiden name and your grandmother maiden name.
  • Each day during the 9 days you will set aside a time that works for you and
    • Light a candle
    • Say the specific healing prayer.
    • Writing is optional but guiding you to put on paper what comes up for you.
    • Close the space by saying the closing thank you prayer.
      • When you sign up, the day before we begin, you will receive a pdf will all the details on the healing practice and the specific healing prayer’s to say.
      • The prayers I share are ones that were channeled to me that are vibrational and imbued with healing. 


“What will I be doing ?”

I will be sending distance healing to you, your family, your mother and grandmother.

This distance healing will be sent daily as I open sacred space to do this work.  I will require the name of your mother and grandmother.

My goal is to provide you with the tools to receive this healing energy transfer and empower you in the process.  I am also being guided to share a “Clearing and grounding” healing MP3 audio, you receive when you book.  This audio can be listened to immediately to receive healing.   This audio is a new channelled healing specific for this healing transmission of 25th January 2024.

Benefits of joining :

The healing will be continuously sent to your intention/ person / incident for the full 9 days, until Friday 2nd February. 

Clearing :  receive this distance healing transmission to clear any bombardment of stuff, people or situation particular fear.  An added bonus this time around is that a “Clearing and Grounding Healing” audio will be sent to you once you book.  This is a new channelled transmission specific to this date 18th  January to 26th Januray 2024.

This energy work of distance healing can not be seen but it is so effective and a truly vibrational experience.   

Responsibility lies with you.  It is important you have clear intentions.  Trust in yourself and your power. Continued inner work is key as when we clear old heavy energy we make space for something bigger, clearing out the old allows the magic to happen. 

An emotional release is common when receiving healing, your eyes may leak or tears may flow.  Other experiences you may feel are detailed here in this link & self care advice.  


We begin Thursday  New date TBC 


Investment is €55.55

Is mise do réalta eolais,
I am a guiding light,



What participants had to say:  

“I signed up this Distance Healing the kidneys and the motherline and the bespoke healing that you offered Helen.  I finshed the final day and thank you so so much for inviting me, for sharing your gifts with me, for letting me be a part of this phenomenal healing, I have a feeling that I am grasping and intergrating the depths of what is being healed but I know it is – I want to listen to the bespoke healing recording again  – it has been magnificent to be part of. I am so excited for you, Helen.  So grateful to be part of it – I feel alot of healing happened once I signed up and the 9 days began.  I was feeling the  rootness.  The healing for my mother and her mother- I do believe the healing was brought to that lineage line – it is phenomenal and even how I am showing up for my children – the energy and intention of what you have set is phenomenal – really  phenomenal and it clears for future generation, I just want to thank you from my whole being, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping  me clear my ancestral line.”  M.C 20/10/2023

“The kidney healing I am so grateful that I could be part of it.  I wasn’t able to fully appreciate all, this is now rooted in me and my mother energy and the ancestral clearing thank you, thank you , thank  you.” C.H 22/10/2023

“Hi Helen, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderfully healing 9 days. I signed up because I had a UTI at the time and figured I would try anything but I totally got into it and the signs I have gotten from the universe during the past week in relation to the females in the family has been undeniable. I have felt exhausted at times and so comforted also. Archangel Michael has been with me every day, it’s undeniable. My grandmother always prayed to him for protection”  G.C 24/10/2023

“Helen, something HUGE has shifted in me as a mother and I know it’s down to your 9 day distance healing the kidneys and mother line.  THANK YOU! I am content, happy and so grateful and honoured to be a mother like never before” J.K 24/10/2023

I find your voice so soothing and comforting. Thank you for the distant healing, the videos, voice notes and guidance. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 9 days and have gotten more than I could have imagined from it.  A.O’C 20/10/2023 

“Thank you so much, Helen, I am really getting enjoying this. Getting so  much peace from it.  Thank you so much.” A.K 

“Helen, the synchronicities that flowed to me on day 2 were incredible, thank you so much.  I am partaking fully in this healing, thank you for doing this 9 day kidney healing and motherline, incredible” C.S 13/10/2023

“I was all over the place and could not concentrate at home or in work or with anything I was doing.  I had ringing in my ears.  I can’t seem to concentrate.  I did this Kidney healing with Helen, and it was so powerful the healing that came in.  I realised over the practice I had suffered a shock that I had buried for a long time.  I had such deep awareness of being so connected.  Thank you Helen, I feel so much lighter and the clarity, that unsettled feeling has gone.  Thank you” L.G 21/10/2023