7th July Energy Healing #2


In Person Event at The Yopa Picnic 2024

Energy Healing Session #2 at 2.15pm

This session will be a bespoke healing tuning into the energies of the group.

Group Capacity 5 – 6 people.





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Energy Healing  #2 

I will guide you to free anything that may be stagnant or old energy. My unique way of working means I am always tuning into the energy of the group.  My capacity to hold sacred space is one I am honoured to do especially during a group session.


I set clear intentions as I open this healing space that each individual will be held in their own bubble of light ( & not by the  stimutlation of others).

In turn this will allow  you to strengthen your capacity to anchor in to source energy and allow  all that does not serve you to be flushed out. Some of you may be empaths / highly sensitive / intuitive but currently unable to plug into your awareness.  This is where I guide you.

I bring in the energies and  YOU are fully participarting, you are releasing.  You are here to have an experience and the transmission that will come through is vibrational.

It’s through this vibration energy healing that will effect change in you.

I welcome you, if you feel the call to be with me during this extremely special healing transmission.

“Trust your own connection

We are all unique “


  • Be hydrated.
  • A litre of water, as part of your aftercare as you may be thirsty after this deeply healing work.
  • Your yoga mat / blanket / cardigan.  It can get cool when we work with Energy.

A little bit about me:

Hi, I am Helen.  I am experienced energy healer, advanced spiritual teacher, and highly intuitive, dedicated to facilitating your personal transformation. 

Let me introduce my unique way of working.

Because healing comes from within, I create a sacred space, calling on your healing team. In this space, I allow the energy to do the work. The energy is your power, your vibrancy, your gold. It is yours to restore, to reconnect, and to reawaken within you.

My blending of different healing methods and energy work is something you will have never experienced before because I welcome your energy into this space. Each session is sacred and bespoke for you and therefore no two sessions are ever the same.

When we allow our energy to flow, transformational change occurs. The more you experience your energy during an energy healing session with me, the more you will truly come to know you.

Deep down you know who you truly are, I am simply a guiding light to hold you while you recognise your soul journey. Your full potential is waiting. Are you ready to make space for you?

This healing only finds you when YOU are ready ? Are you ready ?

Time and duration :  

  • Energy Healing #2 @ 2.15pm
  • 1 hour.


I am delighted to be invited to be part of “The Yoga Picnic” 2023 in the Healing Area.  To gain access to The Yoga Picnic you can purchase your tickets here and see what’s included.  It really is an experience filled with of yoga, sound baths, classes, workshop, talks, dancing, evening concert and so much more.

Location is at Lilliput House on the banks of Lough Ennell. 


Investment is €33.33  

Who can join ?

  • Anyone can join.  No experience necessary.
  • You will know if this is calling you, to be with me.

Join me for my Unicorn Healing Energy session also at The Yoga Picnic.

Is mise do réalta eolais,
I am a guiding light,

Helen Colgan Healing Heart 
​Energy Healing Practitioner  | Intuitive Guide | Spiritual Mediumship Healing | Angelic Healing Practitioner | Unicorn Healing® Practitioner l Moon Mná Facilitator | Reiki Master | Holistic Therapist



What participants had to say at “The Yoga Picnic 2023”:

“Helen, you said after our session that the unicorns would show us something magical to let us know they are here.  I am still in awe in how they came in for me, so visual.  Thank you for holding such a wonderful session.  It has truly helped me” Niamh 02 July 2023

“Helen, it really was an amazing day.  It was so good to meet  you and to be part of  your unicorn healing session.  I slept for 8.5 hours straight ! this is so unusual for me! Thank you for the beautiful experience” Audrey 02 July 2023

Thank you, Helen for a beautiful Healing session with the unicorns.  Lots of healing came in for me and the unicorns cards brought focus for me.  A whole new time in my life.  I will be in touch with you again for healing” Olivia 02 July 2023

“I felt like a ball of stress before we began with all I have going on.  I didn’t know what to expect but I feel like a blank canvas, new again and excited. Really, thank you Helen.  I have to say the healing continued too and how amazing I have felt since. ” Roisin.