Spiritual Mediumship Healing

Spiritual Mediumship simply means connecting with your loved ones in Spirit.   

In order to truly show up as I hold this space for  you and your loved ones, my energy is grounded.  I work from my heart with the utmost purity of intention to bring in messages that will bring healing.

We begin by welcoming your loved ones in spirit.  My intention is for you to receive guidance and messages through this gentle loving flow of energy.  When your loved ones connects they will show me through images, words, song or even aroma’s that they are present.  This will allow  you confirm it is your loved one.

Your reading will also bring insights and clarity to your life.   This is like Spirit “calling  you” whispering into your soul to allow you unfold your true potential.  With a pure heart and through spirit I will share these insights that you need and want to  hear.  These whispers are profound messages for  you at this time.  Trusting in the power of their meaning, may change your life, when  you say “yes”.

The beautiful energies that flow are felt on both sides, you here on earth and  your loved ones in Spirit.

In Chinese hertiage, the butterfly symbolise a sort of freedom, love, becoming unbound from reality and evelating into a new form of existance.  I just love this beautiful methapor for life after death.

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

W.B. Yeats.

Some questions that come up before a reading ?

What do I have to do to prepare?

    • There is nothing for  you to do, just being open to receiving the messages that come through.

How will the reading take place ?

    • The reading is via zoom online / Whatapp call.  Even being online the energy is palpable

Will the reading be recorded ?

    • The zoom call will not be recorded but you are welcome to take notes and ask questions at the end.

Do I let you know who I want to come through?

    • I ask you not to disclose any personal information prior to the session.  Please remember to stay open and without limiting the reading.  Sometimes we put expectation on who we want to come through.  Your loved ones will come through who have a message for you, sometimes helping you heal and make changes.  They know what’s holding your back!

I do not connect you with a specific person, I simply move with the energy .  

How do you connect to my loved ones ?

    • I believe we all have a natural gift accessible to all of us at a soul level.  I am servicing as a link between the spirit world and with you here on earth.  This link is like an invisible force, one that is a mystery, one that has such uplifting power, it must be experienced to be believed.  Just one testimonal from a client ” I felt better than before, like a peace and this feeling lasted” 

How do I know when to come for a reading ?

    • During grief there are so many stages that we move through from shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance.  Sometimes we experience all and sometimes circle back through each stage.  Remember your grief is unqiue as you are.  You will know when to join me.   


When we connect with Spirit and our loved ones Soul we are connecting with the vibration of Love

Testimonials : Spiritual Mediumship Reading


“I am still reeling in awe and gratitude after a spiritual mediumship reading with Helen Colgan Healing Heart.

From the first moments of the session I felt a deep connection with a lost loved one, several beautiful Healing messages were received and information shared that couldn’t have been known.  I feel a heart full of joy that is lingering long after this beautiful session.

Highly recommended Helen who is a gifted intuitive healer with a huge heart.  Thank You so much Helen, Kindest Wishes and Blessings. Liam”🙏💚 Liam Oragh, Therapy of Sound

“I recently had on an online Spirtual Mediumship session guided by Helen. She was so warm and caring in her approach from the outset which put me at great ease. I resonated strongly with all the messages received through
Helen. It was an incredibly moving experience which carried messages from loved ones at a truly timely lifepoint for me. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Helen” Denise Duffy 

“I had the most wonderful spiritual medium session with Helen this morning. I didn’t know what to expect but was really looking forward to it. It was just beautiful from start to finish, everything that came up made perfect sense and it gave me a lovely feeling knowing that the people that came through are there with me still and guiding me when I need it. Thank you Helen, you have such a gift!”  Tracy Lee Bodytalk Coach

“​Thank you so​, so​ much for that beautiful space you held for me to connect with my loved ones. It was very healing and brought me lots of clarity and guidance. I loved that you brought music into the space. It was very powerful. I wish you well on this journey and no doubt you will help many. Thank you, love Ciara ” Ciara O’Malley



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