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SELF CARE          

A shared responsibility:   As it’s just me who holds sacred space for you, in my Small Business, I have the right to defer a session if you or I are showing any signs or symptoms of infection.  

To prepare for your session please be hydrated and bring your water with you.  Your water will also receive the energy frequencies during your session.

Dress comfortably.

Responsibility lies with you.  It is important you have clear intentions.  Trust in yourself and your power. Continued inner work is key as when we clear old heavy energy we make space for something bigger, clearing out the old allows the magic happen.

As part of my work with Spirit I share tool and techniques that are unique and bespoke for you to allow you to carry out your inner work in between sessions.   A minumum recommendation of 4 healing sessions may be necessary to achieve your intentions.


  • What position will I be in ?
    • I n person session : You can choice what you are most comfortable with fully clothed on plith or on my zero gravity recliner chair.  A zero gravity recliner is inspired by the gravity neutral chaise developed by NASA to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit. A zero gravity chair works by elevating your feet to the level of your heart.  To reduce stress of lower back pain and increase oxygen and blood flow. Also allowing comfort and deep relaxation and this position supports your back and legs.  
    • Online session: you choice what is the most comfortable position for you lying or seated upright.
    • Remote session: you can be going about your day or at the same time I am carrying out your session you too can also be lying down / in a comfortable position.
  • What will I experience during a Energy Healing Session ?
    • Each of us are unique so during a session it is not uncommon to feel tingling, vibrations, sensations, numbness, trembling as the body releases “heavy ” energies no longer required and also receives new light energy. 
    • I am always listening to the energetic body and auric field to intuitvely clear what is ready to clear and in allowing the vast expansive of light to fill you.  
    • I place great importance in bringing grounding energies in before and after a session.
  •  Is there other sensation I might experience ?
    • Yes absolutely you may yawn.  Yawning is a form of release as is coughing and sneezing, belching, passing wind and all are forms of the body gently releasing.   Tears too can flow.  All are good and all are common releases.
    • Sometimes a session my involve your full participantion where I share what I am doing as I move through the body, mind, heart and soul healing.
    • Other times  you may fall asleep.  Even in a sleep or deeply relaxed state you are still receiving the healing.  Time and again I have seen clients sleep which helps to remove the mind from the healing process.
    • After a session comes to a close, I will check in with you and offer you water.  This space is important to me to check if you have experienced lightheadness or dizziness / floating.  During or after a heavy emotional release, you may feel this.  The space we have cleared was heavy and is now divine light.  I allow time for you to adjust back to your physically body.  
  • What is a Healing Clearing ?
    • A healing clearing is a natural process following your session in the next day or 2.  Where there is particular tension in an area, emotional waves are ready to come up given the clearing and the new space created.  Old stuff, packed emotions are now ready to let go off.  Be gentle with you.
    • You may experience a bowel movement or need to urinate more often.  Most common clearing is a headache so it’s really important before a session you come hydrated
    • Give yourself space to help with any tiredness one which I personally experience.  Release of mucus / phelym is another. 
    • As areas of stagnation, tension, tightness, heaviness begin to move through your system you may feel dis – comfort.  I always ask you to be gentle after a healing session. 
  • What should I do after a healing session?
    • Support yourself by resting, being ok with what’s happening and allow it move through.
    • Drink penty of water you may be really thirsty after a session.  Or even hungry! 
    • An Epsom salt bath or foot soak is another of my favourite.  You will feel so much better as the healing will continue on a cellular level when you soak in Epsom Salts.
    • Go barefoot! Part of the continued healing it is so good to go barefoot and ground, walking on the grass or sand.
    • Honor your body, it needs time to adjust, calibrate, acclimate and heal. Be patient with your body.


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