Energy is part of us.  Everyday I tune into my energy to allow my vibration to flow.

During an energy healing session I am guided by your guides and healing team.  Your team of celestial beings may be angels, ascended masters, saints, loved ones, enlightened beings, power animals, dragons, unicorns and even our loved ones in spirit.   All coming forth to bring healing not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Your intention is key with any healing and I will begin by asking you to set  your intention.

The healing power of holding space is one I hold with the utmost respect.

With my natural ability to be present I simply allow the healing to flow through me to you.

Are you ready to make room for healing and allow your light shine?.

Read my Self care practice and what to expect during and after a healing session 


My May Altar

Creating a beautiful space in time for May Day ,1st May.

This is a space I sit and bring stillness in to be in union with my higher self and by adding the personal items that mean something to me.  I am filled with love as I now sit in this space.

Here I share a video of what I am adding to  my May Altar in 2024.  Watch here .

I am so excited to hold and share this space with you for “Miracles in May”

Experience Amplified Miracles: The mere mention of “Miracles in May” is already stirring up a profound energy of transformation and possibility. Imagine what awaits as we come together to amplify these miracles through our collective intention and connection!

An Invitation to Allow Miracles: Are you open to allowing miracles into your life?

“Miracles in May” isn’t just an event; it’s an invitation to open your heart to the miraculous possibilities that surround us each day.

How to Participate:

Simply click the link below to reserve your spot and allow miracles to flow into your life:

[Registration Link]

Let’s harness the energy of May and together create a month filled with miracles, blessings, and divine connections.

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