Helping you intuitively connect to your body, mind, heart and soul.


SPECIAL EVENTS Weekly Fortnightly Monthly

Angel Healing : In this fortnightly space we will come together as a group, dropping into the energies in that moment to bring deep healing and solace.

This is for YOU if :

  • You want to reconnect to your angels and healing team.  You feel you have lost connection?
  • You feel out of alignment, stale and stuck, unsure who you are and where you are going?
  • You are looking to restore deep peace and come away feeling lighter.
  • You are yearning to move into the vibration of trusting and flowing.
  • You can’t fight it any longer, the pull and knowing there is inner work, simply going deeper to be done.  Let me help you, fully connect through this vibrational experience.
  • Bringing clearing, healing and balance to our energy centers our chakra’s to allow them flow.
  • You may be struggling with where you are right now, truly leaving your past behind and this may be holding you back.  Come to deepen your connection to Source and your Angels and receive healing, releasing low energies.  For you to be truly successful you must heal.  Are  you ready to say “Yes, I am in?”
  • I will teach you how to drop into your awareness.  Awareness is key when we work with the beauiful energies of the angelic realm.  My own awareness has grown and expanded since I began my connection with my angels in 2017.
  • Learning how to invite your angels in so you can tap into their energies in between classess.

I will be channelling angel healing through meditation and visulisation and source guidance for the week ahead for the group and individual guidance bespoke for you.

We are always learning and expanding, are  you ready to say “YES” and “Go Deeper”?

Classes run fortnightly on a Saturday morning.

In this “Recharge your Aura” special event the transmission of healing will be focused on our auric field.

This special event is for YOU if you :

  • feel burnt out.
  • going through a dry / unfocused spell.
  • want to clear any tanglement in your auric filed.

Coming together to drop into this space will not only bring clearing but a deep sence of alignment to all parts of your energy field.

During this class we will also work with a chosen sacred oil and connect with the wisdom this oil carries.

Be part of this in very special in-person event

Coming soon


I believe that healing takes courage and so I meet each of my clients exactly where they are. I tailor each session to each client’s individual needs, bringing in exactly what their energy field is looking for; treating the mind, body, and soul and most importantly, their heart center. You can enjoy working with me through either face to face, online or remotely. In person sessions are available in my home clinic in Drumree, Co. Meath. Our nervous systems often need touch and contact to feel soothed and calm, so no matter what treatment you choose, your nervous system will benefit.

Online sessions are available both for 1 to 1’s and group sessions.  I also offer Unicorn Healing® and Angel Healing as a remote healing session.  This means that you can completely relax in the comfort of your own home and  your space gets the benefit of the healing energy too.

It is with incredible gratitude I share this review with you. My heart is full. Everyday I do what I love and love what I do.

I am always overjoyed to witness your healing journey. If energy healing is new to you , I simply bring in angelic healing energy to allow your light to ignite.

What I create is from my heart and the unique experience you feel is all part of your intention to say ” yes” to healing with an open heart. I welcome you.

Thank you Claire for allowing me share your words and experience. Thank you for stepping into healing and shining your light so tremendously bright.

The vibration of love is flowing.

With all of my sessions, whether in person, online or remotely I offer you tailored healing techniques that are grounding and compatible for your current needs. I believe that healing is a journey and I will support you along each step. By simply allowing ourselves to receive, we open to healing.

I offer an initial complimentary consultation to walk through what would be most suitable for you and your needs at this time.

I prepare myself mentally and energetically for each client. I am honoured to do what I do. I am here to support you on your journey. I am your guiding light.

1 hour


Payment by Revolut, Paypal, cash

or book directly online with my booking system here.


I am a guiding light, Helen Colgan Healing Heart.