Energy Healing Practitioner



Work with me in my container THRIVE, where I hold space for you, for over 6 weeks.

This is for YOU if you :

  • want to change your life.
  • get out of your own way .
  • receive healing in true form.
  • break out of your smallness.
  • rapid and swift changes flow in when we work together.

I am inviting you

What unfolds in your life will be phenomenal.

Are you in? 



We begin on day 1 where each day I channel distance healing to you, your intention and your ancestors for 9 days.  This is tremendously powerful not only for you but your mother and father lineage and ancestors.  You can choice from 9 day distance healing with focus and emphasis on the energetic organs of the HEART, KIDNEYS or LIVER.



Receive a unique connection of energy from Divine Source. 

Audio will be sent to you directly.  

During this intuitve healing I will connect with your energy field and share guidance and wisdom that comes in for you.  Not only that but there is healing in this transmission.  Healing that will direct me to the area in your aura, energy field , spinal vertebrae to clean up outdated, dysfunctional, negative programming or a particaular block of tension that may be getting in your way.

This is for you if you are feeling a little stuck or unsure or simply looking to receive guidance from Divine Source. 



"I received the most beautiful unicorn healing from Helen. This was my first time receiving a unicorn healing and I was so impressed by how powerful it was. I was blown away by Helen's intuition and accuracy and felt such a deep clearing and healing from this session. She gave me so much detail as to what came up afterwards and it all linked in with what I had felt during the healing. Her warmth, kindness and calming nature is unmatched and I would highly recommend booking in with Helen for a healing. Thank you ever so much Helen"

AoifeUnicorn Healing

Helen is a therapist who listens. She is very experienced, intuitive and instinctively knows what the body needs. Her gentleness, empathy and kindness shines through her work. Would highly recommend a visit to Helen. You leave feeling calm and with an abundance of inner peace.

Deirdre McCormack

Thank you so much Helen. I am feeling the benefits already. Felt like I've let go of a lot from my past. Thank you too for the guidance during the intuitive healing. So magical. This has given me such strength. Thank you for the technique too with ArchAngel Michael. This is all new to me. I am so glad I found you"

SineadIntuitve Healing

"Helen is just amazing and within an instant I felt a connection to her and was able to begin releasing negative energy and afterwards I felt strong enough to trust in my own intuition. Her intuition is spot on and Helen has a such a lovely sense of calm and grace with everything that she does. I'd highly recommend the Angelic Healing. I'll definitely be back"


"Having had uplifting treatments with Helen, such as deep tissue cupping, magnets and angelic healing, she has helped me clear alot of issues and guided me on my continued life journey for self improvement through her contribution. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you"


I’ve been going to Helen over 2 yrs now. I had never tried reflexology before and from day 1 loved it and how I felt afterwards. It’s the best hour I’ve experienced to chill out and have some ‘me’ time . She most definitely has a gift of healing with all her therapies . I recently tried angel healing which was a totally mind blowing experience . I Totally recommend a trip to Helen , you won’t regret it.

Karen McBride

"This was instantly so relaxing, Helen, my Unicorn Healing session. I feel so full of energy and I was not before we began. I feel connected. Helen it was most familiar. I was not expecting that! Thank you I am so looking forward to doing Unicorn healing again with you"


Helen Colgan Healing Heart is a very experienced, intuitive and compassionate therapist. Trained in a variety of wonderful holistic treatments, I would highly recommend booking a treatment with her as I do as part of my self care regime.

Grainne Conroy Stone

"I had a mediumship reading with Helen and it was wonderful. Lots of insightful things came up that Helen could not know. It comforted me in my grieving for my cherished loved one ❤️❤️🕊️🕊️"

Olivia Keating

"Thank you Helen. I got so much clarity from my Angel Healing session with you. So glad I did it."

MichaelAngel Healing

"I was weighed down with everything going on in my life. My stomach, my head were churning with emotion, with doubt, fear and uncertainty. During my Angel Healing session I felt everything dissolve, I felt light, I felt happy and sure of the direction I am going. I left a different person. I cannot thank you enough Helen”

Stephanie GraceAngel Healing

"I had Angelic Healing with Helen. The wisdom that flowed and what shows up in her presence is so re-assuring and real. I felt so blessed 😇 Her energy shone through so powerfully. Please don’t hesitate to pay her a visit .🙏


"I am delighted to recommend Helen as an amazing person who enables you channel what is wonderful & needed. I felt so safe working with Helen who is the ideal guide. During lockdown, her online session helped in many ways, that I still reflect on when I need it. I am very grateful for her time, her patience and how she allows herself be present to help my healing."

Frances Johnson

"I had a unicorn healing with Helen today and what can I say!! I was blown away, it was amazing!! I really relaxed into it and feel so much more connected and at peace ever since! Helen is a natural healer and if you feel drawn to her you won't be disappointed. Thank you Helen"

Debbie Boyle

"Helen is a beautiful person and really is a guiding light! I have attended Helen’s group meditation and also had online Angel Healing with Helen. I always get great clarity from the session and I come away feeling calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend Helen.and her Angel Healing"

Mary Wade

"What's happens at each session is pheonomenal. Helen works her magic and what happens is expansion and freedom and the ability to dive deeper. Each week Helen would open her "treasure chest of Gold" by introducing me to another secret weapon. Helen's secret weapon is the wisdom she shares with me, for me. My life has changed. To this day, I do the technique she shared "Charlotte, I want you to try this - put your feet on the ground when you get up and thank the universe and thank life" - and so I did and this has transformed me. I do this every day, still. Helen has a an exceptional space, because it is her energy.

I also have joined her online energy healing and this was beautiful. Helen is & has been a big beautiful support to me and she is a wise woman, I am so thankful for her. I never imagined, where I am now, was possible but Helen believed in me. I am so grateful"

Charlotte Francis

Helen, I have to share on my vision board and the workshop you ran. The majority of all the images I had used came through to my new house, living in the country wow and spending more time with me. Your vision board workshop online was amazing. It was unlike anything I have ever done before. Thank you so much Yvonne January 2023

Yvonne Mulligan

"Thank you so much Helen, this has been life changing for me, I was looking for so long and I really learned so much about myself and my soul and this is the best thing I have ever done for myself - this has been amazing Helen being part of your Container Thrive"

Emma Thrive Container


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