Intuitive Healing


Receive a unique connection of energy from Spirit during my Intuitive Healing. 

Audio will be sent to you directly.  

These sessions are all about bringing you back into alignment and magnifying YOU, your light,  your essence.  You will know if this is for you.  You are the key!



During this intuitve healing I will connect with your energy field and share guidance and wisdom that comes in for you.  Not only that but there is healing in this transmission.  Healing that will direct me to the area in your aura, energy field , spinal vertebrae to clean up outdated, dysfunctional, negative programming or a particaular block of tension that may be getting in your way.

This is for you if you are feeling a little stuck or unsure or simply looking to receive guidance from Spirit. 

There is nothing in particular you need to do.  However I do recommend that you are hydrated.


You may be thirsty, drink plenty of water.

Be gentle with you.

How it works:

Once you purchase, I will send you an audio recording of your Intuitive Healing, its as simple as that.  There is nothing you need to do.    However this is also a unique opportunity to ask a question on certain areas of your life or simply allow whatever flows in for you.

I might ask you to do “weird things” like make sounds or do some movements and this is part of the magic of moving energy, which I love!  I am being guided by Spirit so this healing is bespoke and unqiue for you at this moment.

Please allow up to 2 days to receive  your unique Intuitive Healing.

Participant’s Feedback :

I can’t even put into words this Intuitive Session with Helen, her vibration, her kindness, her connection to Spirit is just something else.  I am still blown away and just feel incredible after it.  she was 100% sent by the angels and the universe! Recommend isn’t a strong enough word  Marie 19th June 2023

Thank you so much Helen. My intuitive healing was beautiful.  You were so spot on withe the 2 areas you worked on, my throat and lower left back.  I could really feel the energy moving.  I am going to listen again and again to my healing.  I will be in touch again now I know how powerful this is.  Thank you again, HelenSophie 1st April 2023

 “ Wow, that was powerful Helen.  I knew my intention and where I wanted the healing but I wasn’t expecting that at all.  I didn’t expect such healing .  Thank you so so much 29th April 2023 Aidan 

Wow, wow, wow . Thank you so much Helen and all the Archangels and the Divine light. I am so grateful .  Didn’t expect this amazing and powerful healing session, as part of  your Intuitive Healing offering.  I am so thankful Helen. I felt every bit of it. You are so bang on with the tennis elbow. I have been unable to lift things properly with my right arm and you were able to sense that, so amazing!  Orange, purple and yellow were the string colours I saw through this healing. I feel lifted , I feel brilliant. You are as always amazing, Helen, truly gifted. Thank you.  Forever grateful to you. Bouchra Tajma 28th March 2023

Helen, you are a gem. I feel so light and like a pressure has eased after this Intuitive Healing.  I am really looking forward to booking a session in person with you now I have experienced what you do. Thanks a million Sinead 20th March 2023