Guided Journey Channelled with Spirit


​I am guided to share this beauitful guided journey channelled by Spirit. As I sat to record I was very much guided to be out in nature.  So as always I am listening and I did indeed record this from my beautiful back garden in County Meath. 

Enjoy this gift of healing and feel free to share with your friends and family.
I am a guiding light
The path of healing contains magical encounters that look like unexpected sychronicities or experiences. I guide you with my sharpened awareness, my constant listening, my attentiveness, to your energetic bodies,  my powerful intuition and profound knowledge from source on your healing path.  I work through my heart.


Transformational change occurs when you work with me.  Are you ready to experience profound healing, miracles, peace, joy , stability, clarity and so much more ?

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I am a guiding light,