Archangel Michael clearing Anger and Frustration


Archangel Michael at the moment is bring in higher vibrations of light.  This healing is a clearing of any accumulated anger, frustration and anything that does not serve you.  Anything clogged up.

Mother Mary brings her blue light forward also bringing tremendous peace.

20 minutes guided meditation with Archangel Michael, closing the space with grounding energies from Mother Gaia and ending on a 2 card reading.

Details :  Archangel Michael healing with Mother Mary.

Length: 23.41 minutes.

Is mise do réalta eolais 🌠,
I am your guiding light,



This practice can be done at any time. Please treat this like any healing, allowing yourself to rest afterwards and drink water,  you may be very thirsty and be gentle with you.

~Image shown is a favourite of mine when I was in Paris July 2022 and visited a beautiful place called the The Basilica of Sacré Coeur de Montmartre (Sacred Heart of Montmartre), Sacré-Cœur.  ArchAngel Micheal rises  high in the sky at the top of this beautiful bascilica. 

Customer testimonial 
“My throat clearing was amazing, I don’t  have a sore throat but my throat kept clearing, like you said! The light came in and then the blue light flowed in.  I was  holding tension in my neck and shoulders and I didn’t realise, this released.  I feel very light and very relaxed. I can’t explain it. It was amazing, amazing, thank you Helen” Paula Cavanagh 04/01/2023
Customer testimonial 
“I bought your archangel Michael meditation and used it while I was in bed ready for sleep.  I felt much calmer after the meditation and really felt a strong presence of archangel Michael in the room. I felt it lifted the dense energy I was feeling. Thank you again.  Go raibh mile Helen”  Sinead 03/01/2023
Customer testimonial 
“Helen I watched your video last night and I had such a better sleep, it was much more peaceful and deep. While doing the meditation I felt the healing flow down my spine , it was so very gentle and strong. So beautiful and really powerful. Thank you.”   Donna Hayes 03/01/2023