My Moon Mná Circle is a beautiful gathering of women who meet monthly. Each month has a different theme. The theme of each month is inspired by the moon cycles, influenced by the energies of the ancient Irish Goddesses and our ancestral fore-mothers, and it invites you to embrace a unique opportunity as a modern woman in today’s world to set aside precious time to connect with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon.

The Irish Goddess Rites of Passage, Blessings and Ceremonies awaken seeds that lie dormant within every woman. In ancient times sacred Rites activated these seeds to educate, empower, and enliven including the triple spiral of Maiden, Mother and Crone energies. Today, Moon Mná offers you a return to this precious awakening by listening to the call of your emerging soul to receive sacred Ceremonies in these safe community.


March’s Theme

The Maiden Rites of Gráinne

April’s Theme

The Morrigan’s Burlá Ghuí for Birth, Death, Rebirth

May’s Theme

Eriu’s Rites of Sovereignty

June’s Theme

The Mother Rites of Danu

July’s Theme

The Faerie Rites

August’s Theme

Moons of Love Sacred Breasts

September’s Theme

Síle na Gig Rites

October’s Theme

Journey to the Energetic Cauldron of our Womb

November’s Theme

The Crone Rites of the Cailleach

December’s Theme

Goddess Boann’s Crafting & Storytelling

January’s Theme

Goddess Aisling’s Visioning

February’s Theme

Brigid’s Fire Blessing

Each Moon Mná Circle begins explaining the theme and also the moon name for that month, the moon phase and how it can affect us. This is a simple yet profound way to begin or deepen your journey and honour the Divine Feminine within. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to set aside some precious time to connect within a safe community of like minded women. You can join for one month to see if this is for you. Are you yearning to be part of a tribe with soul sisters, exploring and learning each month.

Each Moon Mná Circle includes:

  • Opening Sacred Space.
  • Handcasting of the circle which welcomes you into the space, coming together, where we can be ourselves. 
  • Aura Cleanse, allowing you to let go of any energetic blocks and creating a space for what you wish to bring in.
  • Goddess blessing.
  • Our Soul Moment where we inspire each other. 
  • Fire or a Water Ceremony, a beautiful part of the evening to cleanse but also to embrace what you want to bring in. 
  • Closing Sacred Space.
Some beautiful first hand experience from a participant of my Moon Mná Circle 
“I have joined Helen’s Healing circles and I have been blown away by the energy that radiates through.  She truly has a gift and shares it with an open heart.
Even though, these circles sessions are made through online zoom calls, you would swear you were physically in the same room as Helen.  You can feel the connection between Helen and all the people online. What surprised me the most is when the circle is opened and you have to virtually hold hands, you literally feel the energy as if you were touching the other person’s hands for real – that blows my mind every time.
Each session has its own characteristics and healing purposes, that’s what I love about these circles.  You come out of it feeling at peace, energised and looking forward to the next session.  I highly recommend having a healing session with Helen as she will lovingly guide you and heal you from whatever is going on in your mind, body and soul.
Just try for yourself and trust.


To find out this month’s theme check out my events.