Energy Healing in Tara Co Meath


​Energy Healing – New Venue @ Tara Co Meath

Coming into this space for 2 hours to connect back  to  your very essence.

During the first hour and a half in this group setting I will guide you through a number of healing meditations, intuitively lead.  We will begin with a clearing to remove or cut free any stale stagnant stuck energy.  Your awareness is key and the more we connect inwards to allow –  not only will the healing be profound but also  your own insights.  There is nothing you need to do – just being present is all I ask!  Our final meditation will be a grounding one to allow you to fully align back into your day feeling so much lighter and grounded.  

During the final half hour, we bring the evening to a close by asking for guidance for the days ahead with the beautiful energies of some oracle cards for the group and also individually.  I will read these intuitively for you, giving you unique messages and guidance for you.  This is very powerful.

Why join my energy healing class ?

  • Are you tired, ungrounded in need of extra support ?  I love bringing in the energies of Mother Earth or Gaia to allow you feel safe, protected, nurtured and grounded. When we are grounded we can re-focus and so much clarity flows to us.
  • Are you heavy, feeling clogged up with negative thoughts and are unable to shake off.  We open the healing space with an opportunity to cleanse your energy field and remove any and all heavy energies.
  • Are you stuck, sluggish, unmotivated ? I may be guided to work with individually during the class where the benefits will be borrowed by all in attendence.  During group energy healing, the vibration is amplified. You will feel a deep sense of peace and calm.
  • At the end of a session : You may feel relaxed, you may feel energized and sometimes the greatest feeling of all, you may feel like crying.  It all depends on what you are ready to step in and ALLOW! 

Come away feeling lighter and a deep peace.  With a connection established with YOU, your essence, your vibration. 

All I ask is that you allow yourself to receive the wisdom and guidance that flows in.  


Intuitively reading messages and guidance for you

Dates : Sunday morning 18th August  2024

  • Duration : 2 hours from 10am to 12 noon. 
    • Arrive from 9.45am to get settled in.
  • Location:
    • Focus Health , Rathfeigh, Macetown, Tara  County Meath
    • I will sent a pin drop on booking. A beautiful location by the trees on the land of Tara.
  • Investment: €30 per class.


No experience necessary, all I ask is that you are open to receiving.

This is for you if read more here

Please bring : 

  • Plenty of Water.   Please be hydrated in advanced and bring plenty of water.
  • Your yoga mat.  I do have 2 anti gravity chairs if you wish to use these, let me know.  Super if you are pregnant or have congestion in your lower back.
  • 2 pillows / cushions : one for  you head and one to support under your knees. 
  • A warm blanket / extra layers as sometimes you may experience a drop in temperature during energy healing.
  • Arrive from 9.45am to settle in.

Next Date TBC in Septemeber

What others are saying : 

“Helen, I can’t put into words my experience with you at Focus Health.  From the moment I walked in, I knew I was meant to be there.  I love how you share energy and your gifts.   The individual healing was something very special for me, thank you for this.  I am so grounded and alive.  Thank you again, Helen.  Finally the cards I choice where you read them intuitively – this was the icing on the cake – what  you said resonated so much with me.”  Brenda 14th July 2024
“Thank you Helen, so much for a wonderful evening. I feel incredibly grounded and light. A new experience for me going to an energy healing.  Thank you.” Alison 23rd June 2024
” I feel great, Helen.  Thank you for you attention to detail in this group setting, I felt so held” D.C 23rd June 2024
” I feel so light” Mary 03rd July 2024