“An Armchair for the heart” Essential oil blend


The scent of this blend came to me through spirit, the details of each plant ingredient of using essential oils & the measurements! Spirit never ceases to amaze me.  So I welcome you to take a moment and enjoy opening the lid and deeply filling your lungs with the delicious aromos.

The essence of this blend carries energy for the heart chakra deep healing and soothing. One of the ingredients is Sweet Marjoram Origanum majorana, I was guided to use for healing for the heart and especially as I love the reference  “An Armchair for the Heart”.  The gorgeous herb brings soothing energy but also Joy.  “Origanum” is derived from the Ancient Greek words translated as “joy of the mountains”.   

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All cultures held Sweet Marjoram as a symbol of happiness.  In Egypt it was used as an antidepressant, for it was believed to assist people in the process of grieving. It was used across all cultures as a means of improving the moods of those who were using it by sedating the negative energy they were carrying around!

So it’s no wonder spirit had me add it in mix of my blend. 

Here is so more information on my 10ml essential oil bottle made with 5 essential oils.

Each bottle is individually infused with healing for you.  Time is spent connecting to your energy and I imbue your bottle with healing light just for you.  This is a bespoke and unique product.


Certified Organic Essential Oils of

*       Sweet Marjoram Origanum Marjorana

*       Mandarin Citrus Reticulata

*       Ylang Ylang Cananga Odorata

*       Frankincense Boswellia Carteri

*       Lemon Citrus Limon 

Sweet Marjoram : Sweet and warming herb that’s an armchair for the heart.  That says it all to me.

Mandarin : known as a the fruit for gifting in ancient times & a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.  To me Mandarin is the “gold” ingredients as its the most calming essential oil.  It’s super to inhale for insomia or stress.  I love its uplifting sweet aromoa’s.

Ylang Ylang : boosts the energetic heart chakra and brings healing to the divine feminine.  Peaceful and deeply relaxing.  If you are angry inhale Ylang Ylang notice how balanced you become.

Frankincense : A oil for emotional support especially during times of stress, anxiety and grief.  I love this oil as its essence is to aid internal healing.

Lemon : A natural cleanser and super for clearing away negative energy.  It is also great to allow you accept changes in your life, when you are ready.

The combination of all 5 essential oils brings together a wonderful healing for the heart chakra.  Whether you are moving through grief, suffering with insomnia or just wanting to connect with the essence of peace, joy and love this is for you.  My Heart Chakra blend.

Thank you

Ways to use my Heart Chakra blend:

  1. Open lid and inhale slowly and deeply.  This is my favourite way, inhaling the aroma’s especially before I do my practice of sitting in stillness.  Breathing nice and gently
  2. Foot soak or bath : Always add essential oils to your Epsom salts so the essentail oils dissolve in the salt.  Essentail oils do not dissolve in water.  A handful of Epsom salt in a cup with 5 to 7 drops of my essential oil blend.  Rub oils in salt before you add to hot water of your basin / bath.  I love using an Irish company from Mayo “Ultra Pure Laboraties” Epsom Salts  in my foot soaks.  Their ingredients are pure.
  3. Diffuser add 5 – 7 drops in your essential oil diffuser with water.
  4. Candle burner add 5 – 7 drops into hot water.

Note when using essential oils never ingest and never apply neat to skin.