My circle was born out of love during the first Covid 19 lockdown in 2020 and in my desire to help you to find your own “wholeness”.  In this group space we come together to heal. 

The energy healing experience is special and unique to each person.  The feedback my clients  have provided is the deep sense of being calm and at peace.  Sometimes those who have never experienced energy before ( seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling) have the most profound energetic awareness.  Sometimes following a session, you may experience energy shifts and mood swings in the body as you let go of what no longer serves you.  All I ask is that you are gentle with yourself, following a healing.

When we come together in a group we are a shining bright light, a beacon of magic that is waiting to unfold”

Helen Colgan Healing Heart

This group space meets on the new moon and full moon. Each session will bring exactly what you need and in coming together we create a magnetic wave of healing that can be felt before, during and after a session.  But don’t worry, there is no such thing as a “wrong way” and you will receive exactly what you need to – sometimes this may even mean dozing off.

Below, a participants experience :
Helen’s group sessions are so full of energy, you learn how to heal so gently on yourself and with others.   Each session is so different and I have learnt so much about myself that surprises me!  Helen gives you tools to help you deal with the day to day stress levels in your life.  Each session is ran so professional that you don’t feel the time passing your just enjoying the peace and relaxation of it all.  Helen is an amazing teacher and has shown me how much support and guidance I have around me all the time. I have met and connected with such amazing women in the sessions and with Helen’s guiding voice and encouragement we open up to each other and learn from each other. Thank you Helen, meeting you and joining these sessions have been a game charger in my life . Lisa


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