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I am excited to share that I will be holding space for you for distance healing.  Working in Harmony with Angelic and Universal Energies, drawing the light to that which you wish to send healing to.  

About this space

Every Monday I will gather in sacred space and send a healing transmission to you and your intention.  You can access this transfer of healing energy, no matter where you are in the world.

The power of energy that flows, goes beyond the need for your physical presence.  Sometimes during challenging times, you may feel the nudge or gentle whisper to receive this healing.  Or sometimes you may have difficultly leaving your home.

I invite you to join this healing transmission of powerful energy.

I am in, what do I need to do ?

There is nothing you need to do apart from being open to receive.

YOUR intention is key.  You can include anyone or anything past, present or future or simply just allowing the healing to flow to you.  The angels are not restrained by time and space as we are.

You can write your intention on a piece of paper or share it with me when you book in, via the notes section.

My goal is to provide you with the tools to receive this healing energy transfer and empower you in the process.  And so I am being guided to share a healing audio, you receive when you book.  This audio can be listened to immediately to receive healing.   

Benefits of joining :

The healing will not only be for Mondays but my intention is that the healing will be continuously sent to your intention/ person / incident for the coming week, until the following Monday.

Clearing :  receive this distance healing transmission to clear any bombardment of stuff, people or situation.

This energy work of distance healing can not be seen but it is so effective and a truly vibrational experience.   

Responsibility lies with you.  It is important you have clear intentions.  Trust in yourself and your power. Continued inner work is key as when we clear old heavy energy we make space for something bigger, clearing out the old allows the magic to happen.  An emotional release is common when receiving healing, your eyes may leak or tears may flow.  Other experiences you may feel are detailed here in this link & self care advice.  


This is an investment in self.

Investment is €11.11.


Noting the beautiful arwork I am using is by Rob Wergin infused with vibration of divine light.


Feedback from particpants

” I was sitting and could feel the energy flowing into my heart and yeah I didn’t think anything about it until I saw your message re the distance Healing I signed up to!  and the timing!  The information you shared and alot of what you said really resonated with me.  Thank you so much for the lovely downloads they are so soothing and relaxing, thank you” Emma 30/10/2023

“Oh my God thank you Helen, yes muffled ears.  Thank you so much for this and including my intentions.  I am really looking forward to my next in person session with you, for now this distance healing was so perfectly timed – thank you for doing this”.  Lucy 30/10/2023

Is mise do réalta eolais,
I am a guiding light,