Mother and Daughter 1st Moon Ceremony


Calling Mothers and Daughters

I am now offering this beautiful space to both Mothers and Daughters.  This is such a poignant moment to not only acknowledge our daughters but also to step into our divine feminine energy as women.  This is open not just to mothers, it includes grandmothers, Godmothers, Aunties, Nieces and best friends.  This ceremony is a wonderful space to be grounded and centered in our divine feminine power.

The Moon is a quintessential symbol of the Divine Feminine, with her gloriously complicated cycle, she mirrors the stillness of our innate being. 

In ancient time “our first moon time, our menstrual cycle, our period” was a time of celebration as our ancestors before us were deeply connected with the wisdom of their bodies and the lunar cycles of the moon. Our modern disconnection has brought self doubt, fear and shame.

After holding a beautiful, sacred space for the women in my circle this year, during the Maiden Rites of Grainne, I am now offering this to both Mothers and their Daughters.    You can choose to join in a group on the next date as advertised or alternatively you can choose to join with your female friends, maybe even your daughter’s friends and their Mams.

By sharing my own experience of my first period, it became clear I was not alone.  This ceremony was a poignant moment for me, speaking the unspoken word  “period” was such a huge sense of freedom and relief.  This too was expressed by the courageous women in my circle.

It is an opportunity to reclaim and restore any of our power lost in shame, pain or guilt during this time, of our “moon time” – my new word that I love now to say!  To support our daughters in their 1st moon time, empowering, grounding and centering them, I am offering a special 2 for 1 when booking a mother and daughter.

If this is calling you as a Mother, Grandmother, Auntie, Godmother or female guardian and you are drawn to join, then that is the nudge to follow.

The ceremony will include:
  • Welcoming you all energetically as we open this sacred space.
  • A cleansing : an energetic cleanse letting go of any energetic blocks to allow our energy to flow.
  • Introduction to the moon and what it symbolize to be a woman.
  • Story of Goddess Grainne.  She embodies the bright young vibrancy of ‘I-can-do-anything’ feisty energy.
  • Opportunity to create how we would have liked our first moon time honoured.
  • Gifting of the Maiden rites of Grainne to you, then your daughter.
  • Fire ceremony : an opportunity to let go / welcome in any aspect you now wish to.
Preparation : Please bring a Stone that is special to you to receive your Maiden Rites of Gráinne.
To book on my next Mother and Daughter 1st Moon Ceremony, you can get in touch and book your own group session with beautiful females in your life and we can decide on a date that works for you.   Time 7.30pm – 9.30pm.