Kidney Energy Massage Blend


A Natural remedy 

This creation was born after I held my first “Distance Healing 9 days Energetic Kidneys”. 

It is not only a massage blended with essential oils it is also an energetically imbued offering of healing Each bottle is individually made just for you when you order. 

The essential oils choosen in this blend bring calm, strength and courage boosting the kidney energy. 

Other blends include deep sleep or can be made with bespoke ingredients tailoured to what is going on for you right now – get in touch.

Glass Bottle 50 mls 

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Why my Kidney Energy Massage Blend ?

The oils I have chosen I have a deep connection with.

Your bottle will be a energetically imbued offering for you.

Use any time but particularly as we approach winter.  Cold weather can zap our energy. Our kidneys hold our life force energy so working with them energetically is so important to keep our “power source” our kidneys FULL.

Nature shows us that winter is about conserving our energy and as human beings this means not only physcially but emotional too.  If you have been under stress, worn out, adrenal fatigue, not trusting in your true potential, lack of confidence, bed wetting, kidney / urinary infections / kidney stones / cold hands and feet, muffled hearing and low energy this oil is for you.

Each bottle is individually imbued with healing for you at the time of your order.   

Directions for use:

Use on your tummy and lower back, massaging in. 

Also recommending using before bed by gently massaging the soles of  your feet.  As the kidney meridan begins in the feet, this is something that you can do, massaging the oil into the base of the ball of the foot . Stay warm as it is believed cold enters the feet so get your warm socks on and hot water bottle at your back and snuggle down to a deep sleep.


Ingredients :

Made with my choosen carrier of grapeseed oil.

Choosen pure essenital oils :

  • Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
  • Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
  • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
  • Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)
  • Frankincence (Boswellia carterii)
  1. Basil my top note essentail oil chosen as it strengthen the kidney energy bringing warmth, vitality to lumbar region and supporting the adrenals especailly if suffering with adrenal fatigue.  Beautiful oil to support your confidence if lacking in it, too.
  2. Ylang Ylang my middle note essential oil soothing to the entire nervous system and calming for the mind especially mental exhaustion and anxiety. Deeply peaceful and relaxing oil and a heart note oil also.
  3. Thyme also my middle note essential oil and one of my all time favourite oils to promote purfication, courage and strength and it is also protective in providing defenses against negative energy and influences. Thyme strengthens you when you are weak, gives your courage when you are afraid and promotes sleep when you are tired.  Eases inflammation and also deeply cleansing for the body and mind.
  4. Cedarwood base note essentail oil chosen in strengthening the kidneys energy and boosting the adrenals and lumbar back energies. Brings focus too if feeling anxious or any brain fog.
  5. Frankinsence also a base note essential oil I am being guided to add in.  I fell in love with frankinsence learing it was for internal healing. I am hooked! Frankincense is one for you for emotional support, especailly during times of stress, anxiety or grief.  It so beautifully lowers stress levels and strengthens the nervous system.
  6. My final ingredient is an energetically imbued offering for you.


Personal approach to supporting your healing : As we approach Autumn and Winter, it is natural to feel tired at this time, but if you feel you are exhausted, cold hands and feet, lower back pain or knee pain, no motivation or will power why not book in for an  Energetic Clearing Healing with me in person, online or remotely, we will focus on the kidneys and restore life force energy.

Book a consultation over the phone or zoom to see if we are a fit.