Azure Light bringing healing for change & inner mastery.


During this healing we were guided in meditation by the most amazing azure blue healing light.

This azure light energy is one of deep healing.

  • A readiness to welcome change and bringing back your gift and talents within.
  • Clearing old branches of doubt or old beliefs.
  • Bringing stablility to your core and spine.
  • Whatever you awaken within, this purifying azure light will support you
  • The fusion of azure healing light also brought deep grounding energies and a sense of merging with the earth.  This grounding foundation is crucial at the time to welcome the change.

I allow you now experience this for yourself.  The Azure light is guiding you.

22 minutes of healing energy .

Repeat this azure healing for 4 – 5  days, you will expand into new spaces and you will see the major changes.


Is mise do réalta eolais 🌠,
I am your guiding light,



This practice can be done at any time. Please treat this like any healing, allowing yourself to rest afterwards and drink water,  you may be very thirsty and be gentle with you.

The image chosen is very symbolic ( reminded me of a spine) –  as the azure healing light touched on the spine and brought healing to any unstable parts of the spine between each vertebrae.

Customer testimonial 
” I felt the azure light around me, was like a depth of light.  Thank you so much, so timing for me about making changes.  Thank you I am ready” Anna 21/01/2023