Guides coming forth Mercury & El Morya


Both Guides held this space with the Roman God Mercury coming in first, clearing heaviness in the chest and through our avenue of communication. Mercury is guiding our words and allowing the lines of communication to be cleared up.

Ascended Master El Morya who is the “I am Presence” then came forth. His energy is one of an overall clearing with guidance on how to do this and guiding an energetic cleanse. He steps forth also awakening our intuition and seeing the truth. A tremendous sense of clearing the throat and jaw inline with the Guidance from Mercury.  Lord Ganesha also shows us the way.

We end with support from Mother Gaia bringing her beauitful energies up through all of our chakra’s for clearing and grounding.

Length: 27 minutes.

Is mise do réalta eolais
I am your guiding light,



This practice can be done at any time. Please treat this like any healing, allowing yourself to rest afterwards and drink water,  you may be very thirsty and be gentle with you.

Customer testimonial 
”  I was  holding tension in lots of places I did not realise until the waterfall of healing came in.  Thank you Helen this was so powerfully felt and I feel so good, with less stiffness and relief in my body”  Mary Jean.