Grounding Energies for Stability & Support


I was guided to release this grounding meditation to allow you experience the deep connection with Mother Gaia.  It is healing and restoring to  your lower charka’s.

You will know if you are reading this here and now that this meditation healing with your healing team is for you.  

 A vibrational healing to restore stability to your lower chakra’s and hugely grounding for your entire energy field. The fragrances and aroma’s were so gentle yet strong coming in. Mother Gaia held us in this space and also a beautiful clearing energy came in.

Remember we are all unique and experience healing vibration in ways that are perfect for us at the time. So trust you are receiving exactly what you need at this time.

So please begin by taking some nice deep breaths and find a comfortable place to relax.

This video is available for you to play over and over when you are intuitively drawn too.

Details :  Grounding Energies for Stability & Support.

Length: 17 minutes.

Photo by Zachary Domes on Unsplash

Is mise do réalta eolais 🌠,
I am your guiding light,

Helen Colgan Healing Heart 
Intuitive Guide | Reiki Teacher | Angelic Healing Practitioner |
Unicorn Healing® Practitioner l Moon Mná Facilitator



This practice can be done at any time. Please treat this like any healing, allowing yourself to rest afterwards and drink water,  you may be very thirsty and be gentle with you.

Customer testimonal 
“Helen I watched your video and the colours I experienced were so clear.  I don’t usually see them.  I felt like I was surrounded by love and light.  I feel very blessed .  Your video is beautiful, thank you Helen” 3rd May 2022 Grace