Video – Angel Healing Channelled with Mother Gaia & Violet Light


My intention for this Angel Healing was to bring in grounding energies and this one is certainly that, a strong grounding energy for your entire energetic body, mentally and emotionally too. 

To my surprise lots more come in,  as so often happens when we invite the Angelic Realm in! One of the reason I just love what I do.   

So here’s what else came in : This meditation is aligning you at your heart chakra, your intuitive feminine side  and your tail bone ( root chakra), your foundation allowing a great sense of ease and inner stability to come forth.

The UltraViolet light of San Germaine made a beautiful appearance as did the violet flame.  Saint Therese filled your hearts with a shower of roses.  A surprise guidance from Lord Ganeha ( symbolised as an elephant) asking us to have faith in the way forward, the path ahead. ArchAngel Metatron brought the flow of energy into this space, above and below.

This channelled Angel Healing with leave your feeling grounded, supported and a huge sense of letting go with the tremendous support from the Angelic Realm. This practice can be done at any time. Please treat this like any healing, allowing yourself to rest afterwards and drink water,  you may be very thirsty and be gentle with you.

So please begin by taking some nice deep breaths and find a comfortable place to relax.

This video is available for you to play over and over when you are intuitively drawn too.

Details : Angel Healing Channelled with Mother Gaia & Violet light

Length: 25.44 minutes.

I am your guiding light X Helen 

Customer testimonal 
“Helen I watched your video and the colours I experienced were so clear.  I don’t usually see them.  I felt like I was surrounded by love and light.  I feel very blessed .  Your video is beautiful, thank you, thank you, thank you Helen” 3rd May 2022 Grace