Aid Sleep Massage Blend


“Aid Sleep” Massage Blend 50 ml


Calming and soothing to the nervous system making it ideal to aid sleep and anxiety.

Use before bed on your tummy and to ground you by rubbing on your feet. Just one of my favourite rituals I do before bed. 

Roman Chamomile is the main essential oil chosen for this blend as it’s aromas are just so beautiful.  It softens the mind when the head is busy and allows you tune into your own intuitive centre. It brings a sense of calm and peace to whatever is going on in your life especially at times of change and challenges. 

Made with my choosen carrier of grapeseed oil

A natural remedy to aid sleep and anxiety. 

  • Also calming and aids muscular pain and period pains.
  • Anti inflammatory and helps reduce inflammation in arthritic joints.

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