7th February 2023 Meditation for Spiritual Growth


This meditation is part of my healing journey.  It is and continues to be part of my everyday.  It is extremely powerful.

The most revealing thing about this practice is you!  It is and will be a deeply personal journey.  Are you ready?

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Just being in the power, that which is the silence is part of the spirtual growth you will uncover. Come to let go of every thought that meditation was a doing!

In this space you will let go of the stuggle, mental chatter, emotions and thoughts and so much more as you come to BE in silence.

The gift of silence is within.  Within YOU.  Not doing / not searching / not finding – just being.

For it is in silence you are present with the greatest gift, in the here and now – it is your very own presence, your own truth and only you know the way.

You will know if this is for you.

“Listen to silence. It has so much to say.Rumi 

The gift of being in the power :

  •  Join me for 4 weeks, every Tuesday. 
  • Opening sacred space
  • Meditating 
  • Closing sacred space.
  • Ending on spirit card / oracle card selection, chosen by you.

This practice is all about being in the power.  You will come to recongise this as your power.  I look forward to welcoming  you.

Why join?

The energies created in this space will be not only be for your own personal intention but to bring a solid foundation and deep awareness to who you are as  you connect inwards.  Bringing in the presence of peace, clarity and tranquility.

Dates and duration :  

    • Dates are for 4 Tuesdays begining from
      • Class 1 : Tuesday 7th February 2023
      • Class 2 : Tuesday 14th  February 2023
      • Class 3 : Tuesday 21st February 2023
      • Class 4 : Tuesday 28th February 2023
    • Time 10am until 11.15am
    • In person class at my home clinic.


Committement is for the full 4 week term investment is €80.

Special Early bird of €75 from 20/12/22 until 11/01/23.


  • Be hydrated.  Bring your water and a warm blanket / cardigan / shawl.

I am your guiding light