25th January 2023 Vision Board Circle


In the Celtic tradition we call the January Moon ‘Old’ as we enter the last month of Wintertime.

I am delighted to invite you to join me to learn how to further your exquisite destiny by making a Vision Board or Dream Chart. This is such a fun and powerfully simple way to call in your future holistically.

Online Event  7.30 pm : 9 pm / 9.30 pm

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In early January we don’t HAVE to make New Year’s Resolutions and be extremely active because some Roman Emperor ages ago made this the start of the calendar year. Does your heart long to rest and simply ‘be’. After many years I gave up making any resolutions, listened to my soul and continued my semi hibernation until I was ready to emerge, trusting that like the Moon I would wax beautifully in the fullness of my own timing.

I have now replaced the old habit of making resolutions with creating a Vision Board – an intuitive and highly effective way to dream in all I wish for over the next year and most importantly one that furthers my soul’s calling.

Celtic Goddess Aisling – the ‘Vision’ became my guide and guardian and helps me tap into my sub-conscious deeply using the Moon Mná version of creating a Vision Board.  It never fails to amaze me what comes to light. Often I don’t understand what some of the images or words means until they unfold later in the year. My invitation to you is to try this for yourself in the company of like hearted women. In your wildest dreams how do you wish to further your destiny in the year ahead? Let us dream in our very highest vocation in life together in Circle.
  • Preparation : 
    As we are holding this space online I will guide you – if you happen to have old magazines, bring them alone, no worries if you don’t
  • Plus
    • a pair of scissors and a glue stick and an A4 coloured cardboard.
  • Time & Location
    • 7.30 pm – 9 pm / 9.15 pm
    • Wednesday 25th 2023
    • Online Event via Zoom