04th February 2023 Reiki Level Two


Reiki Level Two calls you when you are ready.  An invitation to continue on your Reiki journey, in trusting in the healing power by opening up to mental and emotional healing.

In Reiki Level Two you will learn  :

  • The Reiki Symbols
  • Distance Healing
  • Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits.
  • Using Reiki to manifest new projects / ideas.
  • Healing Heart Meditation.
  • Aura Cleaning.
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Reiki Level Two 

It takes time, energy and enthusiasm to know your direction in life.  Reiki found me when I was ready.  Part of being ready was being lost, having stepped into a new “path” I was unsure where I was going.  By practising Reiki daily I was able to bring in more change.  Best of all Reiki brought me so much clarity and focus.

By learning Reiki Level two I stepped into practising Reiki professionally.

However this may not be for you.  You may be drawn to learn Reiki Level Two to advance your knowledge, the wisdom within.  Reiki Level two can enhance your ability to tap into your intuition.

Remember, there is no time line to move to the next stage of learning Reiki, I always say to my students, each stage of Reiki finds you when  you are ready.

If you are unsure, keep practicising the techniques as taught in Reiki Level one.  These daily practices allow you bring blessings to your day and increase your connection to Reiki.

Daily practice as taught in Reiki Level One of  clearing negative energy, centering with the Gassho meditation and drawing Reiki into our chakras and body will prepare you for Reiki Level Two.

What does Reiki level Two include ?

  • Reiki Level two attunement
  • Reiki Symbols
    • How to use them including practice time using them.
  • Distance Healing Symbols
    • Practice and techniques for distance Healing : healing for those not physically present.
    • Group Healing.
  • Reiki Emotional Healing Meditation incorporating the new Reiki Symbols here.
  • More uses for the Reiki symbols eg Room Cleansing, an interview.

As with any healing modality part of the secret of healing is in your own self healing practice.  This means dedicating time and energy to you.  Consistenly practising Reiki using the new symbols will be part of your “homework” / self healing practice.  You must make a committement to you.

What happens after a Reiki Level Two attunement 

Your Reiki Healing awareness will continue to expand and grow as you continue with your self practice.

You will now have the use of 3 powerful Reiki Symbols.

You are able to manifest in your life at a faster pace

Your Reiki Healing energy will flow at a stronger and higher vibration

You will be able to sent healing to the past, present and future.

You will become more aware of the flow of Reiki, the intensity and the power.

You will become more intuitive and psychic.

Changes unique to you will manifest.

After successfully completing Reiki Level Two, you will leave with :

  • Your comprehensive manual covering Reiki Level Two.
  • Your Reiki Level Two Certificate.
  • Confidence and long term support.
    • With an invitation to a Reiki Gathering, one month following course completion to support you, with an opportunity to give and receive Reiki and share your experiences.

Dates and duration :  

  • 4th & 5th February 2023 a Saturday and Sunday.
  • 10am till 5pm both days with time allocated for tea and lunch breaks.
  • Venue my home clinic Drumree. Co Meath.
    • Held over 2 days

      This  2 day workshop is a combination of learning, discussion and experience.  Practice time will include giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all hands positions, incorporating the new Reiki Symobls, self practice and new Reiki techniques. There is lots of time for practice.


Investment is €295.  Deposit €100 to secure your place.  (Non refundable deposit)

Get in touch if you are interested in finding out more on Reiki Level Two

Who can take Reiki Level Two?

Anyone who has completed Reiki Level One.

Your life will change once you begin to channel Reiki 

You will always be guided by Reiki in  your life.  Using it daily has become second nature to me.

How far  you take your Reiki journey, learning and teaching is up to you.

Remember Reiki finds you when you are ready at each step, whether its starting off at Reiki Level One or moving to Reiki Level Two or knowing that Reiki Level Three is right for  you.

I welcome you to join whenever you are ready.

I am your guiding light,