0111 Energy Healing Audio


This recording is from 01.11 a powerful energtic day and it was also All Saints Day 01.11.22

During the 1st meditation we were taken to a sacred place in Peru where we were greeted by Pachamama, a beautiful earth Goddess. She led us through a deep clearing of our chakras.

The 2nd Meditation Ascended Master Quan Yin stepped forward into the healing.  Her energy is one of compassion and she brought energy first to the heart chakra & then the lower chakras.  Ascended Master Mother Mary also came forth with soothing healing energies to fill us up.  Our Lady of Knock came with beauitful white light energy for our throat chakra. An abundant love filled message was echoed for each individual as you listen. 

This healing ended with Arch Angel Michael and grounding.  When we are grounded we have space to receive.

Oracle cards were drawn at the end as guidance where I read these intuitively.  Arch Angel Michael was guiding this one!

Length: 47 min

Available in this purchase is both the video and audio.

I am your guiding light X Helen 


This practice can be done at any time. Please treat this like any healing, allowing yourself to rest afterwards and drink water,  you may be very thirsty and be gentle with you.

Participant testimonal 
” Helen, thank you so very much the entire online healing experience I was so relaxed.  I was blown away by where you guided us to, in Peru.  This place means so much to me and the healing  was so clearing.  I feel so differnet, my head is clear and I feel so light.  Thank you.  I really enjoyed it” Stephen