Covid-19 Safety Practice


WHAT TO EXPECT          

Please read the following with regard to my Covid-19 Safety Practice at  Helen Colgan Healing Heart 

I have a right to defer treatments if you as my client or I as your therapist display any signs or symptoms of infection.

Reducing exposure to the virus, to you, as my client and I as your therapist is a shared responsibility. I will continue to update my practices and policy based on updated guidance from the HSE and current circumstances.

As we all move forward together I will be using recommended best practices and maintaining safe daily habits in order to reduce our risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Thank you,


Helen Colgan Healing Heart 

  • Upon arrival , please wait in your car until I ask you to enter.
  • I am asking that you leave all non essential items in your car ( eg your mobile / handbag etc).  Please bring your own bottled water. 
  • You  must wear a mask from the moment you enter and including for the duration of the treatment. 
  • I have set up a Hygiene station with hand sanitizer for you to use when you enter.
  • I will be wearing a mask. 
  • I am practicing social distancing in my scheduling, with extra time between appointments in order to thoroughly disinfect and clean my treatment room, entrance hall and bathroom.
  • Enhanced hygiene measures, on top of the usual hand washing, disinfecting and washing of items and equipment  I use in my therapies, I will be including the following: Front doorbell, door handles, handrails, bannisters,  light switches, toilet & sink area, chairs  etc.  Bins will be foot pedal operated.  
  • Ventilating the treatment room between clients.


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